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Do you have a mission statement, a vision, a mantra or manifesto? Does your business have a personality? Sure it does, and this is a perfect spot to add a little bit of personality to your website. Tell visitors your office is ultra-conservative, casual or even a little wacky.

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Looking to highlight something?

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Meet the Logo team

Your team is probably made up of some really awesome people. Tell visitors what makes them so awesome.

Since a logo was added to the homepage, you can copy that logo in edit mode and paste it directly on to this page.

Add new text by simply double clicking into a blank area.

Add a title and then drag it on top of this image area. 

Double click here

The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery. 

To create an image gallery, first select all of the images you’d like to appear in that gallery. In this example, hold shift and select these six profile pictures.

Next choose the EFFECTS tab and check the IMAGE GALLERY checkbox. Within there, select LIGHTBOX GALLERY

For best results upload larger images and then scale them down. This way, the gallery version will display larger than the image on the page. 

In this example our images are 500 by 500 pixels but have been scaled to 250 by 250 pixels.

Select these six images  and create an image gallery

If you’re looking to add some added impact to your website add a Ken Burns effect to your images. 

Simply select the image, choose the EFFECTS tab and click IMAGE ZOOM (KEN BURNS)

Try it here but note that you’ll have to SAVE and VIEW LIVE to see it in action

Want to learn more? Check out